About Me


Hello, my name is Riley Sunday and I have created this E-Portfolio to give you lots of information about myself as well as what I am doing in my current CEL classes. The CEL program is to help advance my skills with technology and computers in which I plan to use in the classroom daily when I become a teacher. Each post, will be about something different and how I feel about the topic. I know attend Indiana University Bloomington and will graduated in spring of 2019. I graduated from Valparaiso High School in 2015 and plan to go back to the area to teach one day.

What is my pedagogical belief as a teacher?

My pedagogical belief as a teacher is that all the students feel like they have accomplished something this year. Every student will hopefully feel that they succeeded at some task this year. I hope they can feel like what they learned this year will help them in the future even if it is not school related. I hope students can connect with what they are learning to the real world and use it outside of school. I also hope that they students will understand everything they learn and if they don’t, they feel that can come and talk to be about it and ask questions. If I am unable to fully answer that question, I will find someone who can. Lastly, I do not want my students to say “I can’t” because every student can they just need to believe in themselves. If they believe then it can happen, and if they do not believe in themselves then they will not be able to accomplish their goals this year.

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